Haverstick Designs has been involved in the acoustical design/analysis of over 5,000 challenging spaces including recording studios, houses of worship, home theaters, gymnasiums, restaurants, conference rooms, edit suites, museums and industrial facilities. We bring our creativity, passion, and practicality to each and every job. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the services outlined below, please contact us. We’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction.

On-Site Acoustical Testing
Remote Acoustical Assessment
Room Design/Space Planning
Sound Isolation Review
Training Seminars and Articles
“If you’re looking for design from the ground up or need help with your existing space, Haverstick Designs is the perfect choice. Gavin transformed a dirt floor shop into my dream studio. The end result surpassed all of my expectations.”
“Gavin was extremely professional and a delight to work with! He steered me in the right direction and my listening room never sounded better! Highly, highly recommended!”
Oded Zyssman
“I’ve recorded some tunes just to test drive the rooms, and now my mics and all of my gear just sound pristine and powerful, and mixing or just getting tracks down takes half the time and effort. For what was a very comfortable price for me, these small rooms of mine are all they can be.”
Juan Valencia
“Acoustical design can seem mysterious and daunting at first. Gavin made this process easy, interesting, and even fun. My rooms sound great and are highly in demand!”
“Gavin went above and beyond during every aspect of our studio design. From the initial layout to the final visit to test the rooms, we couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Brett Mulzer, 77 Recording
“It was a pleasure to do business with such a genuine and knowledgeable professional. What I thought was going to be another drawn out portion of the project, Gavin turned into the most effortless part. His understanding of his craft may surprise you by leading to suggestions resulting in a quality that exceeds even your own expectations of your space.”
“Working with Gavin has been a wonderful experience. His knowledge and attitude comes from being a true acoustician as well as a real musician. The designs he made for our new rooms are nothing less than spectacular.”
“It was a drastic difference. The decay time was cut in half if not more. The cool thing is that people didn’t even seem to notice the panels. I know everyone who knew about it was very happy with the results as well. The rest just think the new sound guy is awesome! 🙂 Thank you for a job well done!”