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June 21, 2018
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May 3, 2019

Audiochuck Podcast Suite

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Podcast Suite


Indianapolis, IN


July 6, 2020


Audiochuck Website

Audiochuck is an Indianapolis-based podcast production company which houses various chart-topping podcasts, including Crime Junkie, Counterclock, and Red Ball. Audiochuck pride themselves on delivering quality content at a high-production level, using high-end gear and sound design to give their listeners a professional product. However, as many people working in podcasting experience, Audiochuck’s staff realized that even with all the talent and high-quality gear in the world, the room itself must be treated adequately to truly create a professional recording. For this reason, Haverstick Designs was enlisted to help treat the space to ensure quality recordings of spoken word. By using a variety of treatment thicknesses, we effectively increased the low-frequency absorption while also creating a visually striking appearance in Audiochuck’s studio. Visit their website for updates and their latest podcast releases!