At Haverstick Designs, we believe in problem-solving. We see problems, we get engaged, and we do what we can to solve them. We believe in this philosophy beyond where it applies to acoustics and our day-to-day projects. This mindset is what inspired the Haverstick Designs ECHO Initiative: Engaging Community through Humanitarian Outreach. With a wide variety of issues to tackle in the world, Haverstick Designs is committed to giving back and making an impact in the community.

Our Principles

Community Focused

When we see fellow human beings in need, it is our goal to help. We focus our efforts on at-risk communities and believe in supporting organizations making an impact for good in this world.

Pictured: Team members from the organization Tru Colors in Wilmington, North Carolina, a past client that uses economic empowerment to end gang violence.

Employee Driven

As a whole, our company is dedicated to engaging our community. How we do so is largely driven by our employees’ personal values and community outreach goals. We give each of our employees an opportunity to promote and serve causes that matter to them.

What We Do

Offering Services

We are dedicated to offering reduced-cost services to organizations or entities that need them and will use them to do good in the community. We love working with passionate people who could use our services to better their environment. If you are such an organization, please contact us!

Volunteer Work

We see great value in having our employees offer company time to support our community's needs through volunteering – whether as a team or individually.

Targeted Donations

We are also dedicated to providing monetary support to organizations that matter to our employees, our clientele, and our local community.

Industry/Community Activities

Within our industry of Acoustics/Audio there exist efforts to bolster humanitarian movements. We are dedicated to supporting these endeavors as they progress through our involvement in committees and organizations.

Do you or your organization want to work with us through our ECHO Initiative? If so, please Contact Us now!