In addition to full-service acoustical consulting services, Haverstick Designs also hosts a series of useful tools on our website to help clients, professional partners, and any curious person better understand acoustical concepts. These tools give tangible examples of the positive effects acoustical consulting services can have for a client, and help set expectations when undergoing a project. Click HERE to see our blog post discussing these tools and how we use them with our clients. Feel free to explore them and let us know what you think!

Sound Isolation Simulator

The Sound Isolation Simulator gives you an opportunity to actually hear what concepts like Transmission Loss and Sound Transmission Class actually sound like, in terms of sound isolation between spaces. Modeling ten different wall structures across a wide variety of STC ratings, this tool allows you to hear the effects of different sound isolation techniques.

Reverb Time Simulator

Our Reverb Time Simulator has proven to be a very useful tool for Haverstick Designs clients. In this simulator, we modeled ten rooms designed by Haverstick Designs, and showed the effects acoustical treatment had on Reverb Time in the room. By showing the "Before" and "After" reverberation in the room for various applications, this tool shows the drastic and positive acoustical differences treatment can make in a room!