416 Wabash
April 12, 2018

77 Recording Studio

Room Type:

Recording Studio


Evansville, IN


Mix Magazine

This space was originally a pro audio music retailer that was closing its doors until Brett Mulzer purchased the building and revitalized the business by constructing a high-end studio in the warehouse space. Haverstick Designs took the 2,700 square-foot facility and designed a Control Room, Live Room, Drum Room, Vocal Booth, Amp Room, Lounge and Lobby. Isolation details included cutting the concrete slab between rooms to reduce vibration transfer and a layering scheme that included QuietRock 545. Many of the interior acoustical treatment elements were custom designed by Haverstick Designs based on testing data and built by the contractor. 77 Recording was selected for Mix Magazine’s “Class of 2013” issue featuring many of the world’s best studio designs for the year.

Client quote:

"Gavin went above and beyond during every aspect of our studio design. From the initial layout to the final visit to test the rooms, we couldn’t be happier with the results." -Brett Mulzer