HdB Media
April 18, 2018
Paul George Recording Studio
April 20, 2018

Mirro Center

Room Type:
Conference Hall
Fort Wayne, IN
The Mirro Center Grand Hall at Parkview Health is a large conference and event space that can be divided up into smaller rooms by using automatic room partitions. Haverstick Designs was hired after the building was complete due to the room not performing as desired for various events. Significant flutter echoes were present and the Reverberation Time was excessive for the room’s application. After on-site acoustical testing, modeling and analysis of the room were completed a plan was put into place for remedying these issues with strategically placed absorption panels. Flutter echo was eliminated and the Reverberation Time was cut in half in the mid/high frequency range, thus improving speech intelligibility and musical clarity. The end result was an acoustically pleasing space with treatments that blended well with the original aesthetic design.