Fox River Studios
April 17, 2018
HdB Media
April 18, 2018

The Freq Zone

Project Name:
Freq Zone
Room Type:
Recording Studio
Jacksonville, FL

The Freq Zone is a high-end studio based in Jacksonville, Florida that is focused on the finalization of audio material. The studio has an extensive equipment list which blends old and new technologies to obtain the best results for a given project. Our Remote Acoustical Assessment service was utilized on this project, which included having the client capture acoustical data using a supplied test signal and an omnidirectional measurement microphone. This information was relayed back to us in order to obtain the Frequency Response, Impulse Response, Waterfall Plots and other metrics which were used to develop the interior acoustical treatment plan. Due to the studio’s design and the owner’s talents, it was featured in Music Tech Magazine’s January 2015 issue.

Client quote:

"Working with Gavin was great. From the initial concept through the final testing Gavin was there every step of the way providing the necessary expertise to make the studio build a success. There isn't a single person who walks in to the studio that isn't blown away by how good it sounds." - Nathan Hamiel