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January 25, 2024
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Auricle Studios

Room Type:
Recording Studio
Miami, Florida
Auricle Studios Website

Auricle Studios in Miami, Florida is a luxury, private mixing/mastering/recording studiofeaturing a 9.2.6 Dolby Atmos enabled Studio A utilizing all PMC speakers with an Avid S6console.The accompanying Studio B can also double as an Isolation Booth for Studio A.Theadjacent video cyclorama roomis also tied into the studio, giving this studio the ultimateflexibility to serve their clients for any creative endeavor.Haverstick Designsworked withowner Jordan Bolch to design his dream studio along with team members Richie Schwaband Patrick Collier, which included full construction plans for sound isolation and 3Drenderings and CAD specifications for the fully custom bass trapping and stretch fabricsystem that was utilized throughout the studios. Gear selection and integrationwashandled byFrankVerschuuren (Vintage King), Cedric Yee (Vintage King), Michael Carnarius(Vintage King) & Bob Mondok (Sweetwater).

Studio Equipment:
Avid S6 by Avid
PMC 8-2 by PMC
Focal SM9 by Focal
Barefoot Footprint 01 by Barefoot Sound
and much more...