Auricle Studios
July 3, 2024
Jacob “Biz” Morris
July 3, 2024

Electric Feel

Room Type:
Recording Studio
Los Angeles, California
Electric Feel Website

Electric Feel Studios in Los Angeles, California has had a long history of recording top levelartists from Post Malone, to Taylor Swift, Halsey, Justin Bieber, Adele, Camila Cabello andothers. In 2023, Director of Studio Operations, Danielle Engen and Chief Engineer, Nick Macreached out to Haverstick Designs to coordinate a full renovation of the space with theirgeneral contractors,Pacific Southern Development. The Studio A Control Room received amonitor upgrade with brand new, soffit mounted Genelec 1235A speakers along with aGenelec 7382A subwoofer. A major reworking of the front wall soffits was needed in orderto improve sound isolation, accurate positioning and to ensure that the performance of thespeakers was optimized. The existing stretch-fabric system was revitalized along with newceiling clouds constructed and installed by Nyback Builds. The versatile Studio B receivedupgraded wall/ceiling treatment including a beautiful wood slat bass trap on the front wallalso built by Nyback Builds. Enhancements during the renovation to the studio and alladditional spaces (Lobby, Iso Booths, Production Rooms) havegiven this historical studio afresh new look and sound for the future.

Studio Equipment:
SSL AWS 924 by Solid State Logic
Genelec 1235A by Genelec
Genelec 7382A by Genelec
Original Neve 1073 by Neve
Vintage Roland Juno 106 by Roland
Vintage Oberheim OB-8 by Oberheim
and much more...