Audiochuck Podcast Suite
September 14, 2018
Hi-Five Studio
May 5, 2019

Butler University

Room Type:

Recording Studio


Indianapolis, IN

Butler University’s College of Communication prides itself on providing its students with state-of-the-art facilities in which they can apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world situations and environments. Throughout an ongoing relationship with Butler, Haverstick Designs has helped design several rooms in the Fairbanks Center for Communication and Technology. In 2017, Haverstick Designs worked with Butler University faculty members to renovate the audio control room. With isolation details being complete, Haverstick Designs focused on fine-tuning the space to maximize its acoustical performance. The existing soffit-mounted speakers were removed along with the majority of the acoustical treatment. Acoustical elements were designed with a focus on improving the low frequency response, which was a struggle for the original room. A custom stretch-fabric system was utilized to accomplish the acoustical and aesthetic goals while creating custom bass trapping where needed. The existing pArtScience SpaceArray and SpaceCoupler units were repurposed in the new room along with 4” thick absorption panels reclaimed from another room within the facility. The students are now able to practice audio work in a setting that prepares them for a professional future in the communications industry.

Client Quote:

“From our initial testing and planning through the completion of our studio and final acoustic testing, working with Gavin Haverstick on our studio renovations has been a terrific experience. Gavin helped us find the issues in the space and address them in a way that fit our budget. He is extremely knowledgeable about acoustics and design, but never talks above your head or down to anyone involved in the project. Gavin simplifies and explains things so that everyone involved in the planning can understand the reasoning behind the construction and has been an integral part in helping us build a quality recording space. Our students are very fortunate to work in this renovated space as part of their Recording Industry Studies education here at Butler.” - Mark Harris, Technical Services Coordinator, Butler University College of Communication