Broken Soul Studio
January 1, 2021
Christ Fellowship Port St. Lucie
June 14, 2021

Chip Freeman's SuSu Studio

Room Type:

Recording Studio


Northern Michigan

Haverstick Designs and Vintage King Audio worked together to create Chip Freeman's dream studio at his lake house in Northern Michigan. Haverstick Designs handled all aspects of the acoustical design from the ground up for both sound isolation and sound quality. Jacob Schneider from Vintage King and freelance engineer/technical consultant Jason Carson were instrumental with the gear selection, integration and design. The Control Room features an API console, ATC monitors, and rack gear from API, Rupert Neve, Chandler Limited, Focusrite, and BAE among others. The studio consists of a Control Room with vaulted ceilings, a well-isolated Drum Room and an Amp Room. The space was built by Biggs Construction and custom acoustical treatments were installed by Solar 2 Studios.