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September 7, 2022
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November 10, 2022

Dream Tree Studio

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Recording Studio


Portland, OR


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Dream Tree Studios plays a truly unique role in the Portland, Oregon area music scene. While most professional recording studios attract established musicians working on their latest release, Dream Tree offers a space for aspiring musicians to develop their artistic skills in a high-end studio environment. Equipped with top of the line microphones, preamps, and other gear, Dream Tree Studios found something lacking in their sound. Eventually, they contacted Haverstick Designs to assist in dialing in their room. While there were some typical absorption panels hung up around the space, there was clearly room for improvement. By using custom bass trapping and ceiling clouds, a combination of absorption, diffusion, and adaptive treatment with Acoustical Fulfillment’s Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System, Haverstick Designs helped Dream Tree better develop a space that can facilitate the artistic needs of both their employees and their clients. The acoustical transformation of the room was immediately noticed, and Dream Tree Studios have been excited to work in their space ever since!


“Gavin and his team at Haverstick Designs have enabled Dream Tree Studios Northwest to take our game to the next level. Gavin's expertise in room acoustics and design combined with his keen sense of aesthetics provided the blueprint for a successful studio makeover. The space not only sounds incredible, it looks fantastic as well!”

-Tom Walker, Owner, Dream Tree Studio