Matthew Fisher Home Recording Studio

Tyler Joseph Studio
June 20, 2021
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Recording Studio


Grand Rapids, MI


Matthew Fisher Website

Matthew Fisher is an amazing composer for films, games and television and has worked with clients such as Disney, Sony, Star Wars, Warner Bros. Pictures, Ark Encounter and more. When it came time for Matthew and his family to move to a new home, Haverstick Designs got the call to design his studio so that it was isolated from the rest of the house and tuned for sonic accuracy. The studio features the Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System from Acoustical Fulfillment and custom absorption and bass trapping treatment built by Jeff Scholten Builder. IsoStore provided the sound isolation door and materials from Kinetics Noise Control and Green Glue Company were used in the isolation plan. Matthew's studio is also featured on our YouTube channel - Matthew describes his experience working with Haverstick Designs in the video below!