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March 1, 2022
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April 20, 2022

Studio 4136

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Recording Studio


Los Angeles, CA


Tania Gallardo Instagram

2021 was a huge year for Tania Gallardo, a Mexican American singer songwriter located in Los Angeles, CA. As her artistry and songwriting style evolved, she felt she needed her own individual space to work from where she could be creative and find inspiration. Haverstick Designs had the privilege of serving as the acoustical consultant and designer on the project, working with Nelson Construction to convert a garage space into a Control Room & Isolation Booth Tania could work out of. With a quiet residential area just outside the studio, products from Kinetics Noise Control, Green Glue Company, and Soundproof Windows were used to properly isolate the space from its surroundings. Once the room was constructed, a combination of off-the-shelf products from Vicoustic & Acoustical Fulfillment and customized treatment & LED lighting by Simplified Acoustics helped create the pristine acoustical environment needed to properly work in the space. The room was finally equipped with its gear and equipment by Vintage King & Focal speakers. We look forward to all the music that will be created in this space!

Studio Equipment:
1073MP Single-Channel Mic Preamp by BAE
Trio6 BE Monitors by Focal
MC77 by Purple Audio
Apollo Twin X by Universal Audio