Hi-Five Studio
May 5, 2019
Justin Martin Studio
May 7, 2019

Mountain Christian Community Church

Room Type:
House of Worship
Abingdon, MD

Haverstick Designs teamed up with Mankin Media Systems to design this new campus for Mountain Christian Community Church. The main challenge with this 5,500 square foot, 600-seat auditorium space was the 13’-4” ceiling height. Mankin Media designed an L’Acoustics Syva colinear loudspeaker system, which helped to create a consistent listening experience across the auditorium while not throwing too much energy onto the ceiling surface. The rear wall became even more important with the low ceiling height since energy thrown towards this surface is unavoidable. We designed a combination of absorption panels and barrel diffusers to meet our targeted Reverberation Time goals. The end result is a space where speech is clearly heard and understood while music is moving and engaging for every seat in the house.

Client Quote:

"The combination of Haverstick Design’s acoustical treatment and the L'Acoustics Syva PA system has transformed a room that used to be cubical office space into a live mixing engineer’s dream auditorium. The acoustics are incredibly tight and controlled. If you close your eyes, you could almost envision yourself in a well-treated recording studio." - Chris Reese, Senior Production Director, Mountain Christian Church