Mountain Christian Community Church
May 6, 2019
The Villa at Britton Falls
May 7, 2019

Justin Martin Studio

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Recording Studio


Oakland, CA

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When Justin Martin isn't on tour or performing at festivals all around the world, he's usually at home producing music. To further perfect his craft, Martin, based out of Oakland, California built a recording studio in his home, with assistance from Simon Littlewood of Littlewood Works. After construction was completed, Justin brought in Haverstick Designs to conduct acoustical testing and develop a treatment plan for the space. Using a stretch-fabric system from Simplified Acoustics, Haverstick Designs custom-designed various treatment to combine absorption, bass trapping, and diffusion in the space to create an ideal critical listening environment. Additionally, the rear wall was treated using a custom quadratic residue diffuser from Rebel Sky Acoustics. A custom ceiling cloud was designed to include a hidden screen that allows the recording studio to double as a home theater equipped with Dolby Atmos surround sound.