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June 20, 2021
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March 1, 2022

Passion City Church

Room Type:

House of Worship


Atlanta, GA

Church Production
What started in 2008 as small gatherings in homes throughout Atlanta has grown into one of the most influential ministries in the country. Passion City Church has experienced rapid growth since their inception over a decade ago. With the renovation of a four-story office building, their new Cumberland location was born. Haverstick Designs worked with Diversified and the project architect to create a seamless worship environment. Using our technical recommendations, we collaborated with the interior designer to devise a custom pattern of panels consisting of different shapes and sizes of PERF Panels from Acoustical Fulfillment. This not only made for a strong visual aesthetic, but also helped to create a balanced room where music and speech could be heard and enjoyed equally. The acoustical treatment was specifically tailored to fit the church's desire to create an intimate, but still lively worship environment.