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April 20, 2018
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April 23, 2018

Stone Soup Recording Studio

Room Type:

Recording Studio


Maumee, OH


Stone Soup Recording Studios was formerly a filling station in Maumee, Ohio that was transformed by Haverstick Designs into a commercial recording studio consisting of a Control Room, Live Room, Vocal Booth, Machine Room and Lobby. Since the building is located in close proximity to a residential neighborhood, it was important to put together a construction plan that would effectively isolate the rooms from the surrounding area so that noise was not a concern for neighbors and vice versa. Diffusers, bass traps, acoustical panels, and ceiling clouds were among the custom treatments designed by Haverstick Designs to fit the client’s interior acoustical needs and aesthetic goals. The studio had immediate success and is considering hiring Haverstick Designs for an upcoming expansion.

Client quote:

"Acoustical design can seem mysterious and daunting at first. Gavin made this process easy, interesting, and even fun. My rooms sound great and are highly in demand!" - Eric Sills