Stone Soup Recording
April 23, 2018
University of Saint Francis
April 23, 2018

Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ

Room Type:

House of Worship


Troy, OH


Technologies for Worship

This beautiful multipurpose space was intended to be used for meetings, wedding receptions, and other events. After construction was completed, acoustical challenges were apparent to the directors of the facility. When the space was rented for an event, there was so much noise that, “people could not converse in a normal tone of voice.” Haverstick Designs was engaged to conduct acoustical testing and to develop an acoustical treatment plan. It was paramount to create a design that aesthetically fit with the already-existing design of the hall. Originally, the ceiling was “off limits” since it was an aesthetic focal point that the church did not want to change. After testing, it was apparent that the ceiling was a significant part of the problem and there wasn’t enough treatable wall space to make the impact we needed. Haverstick Designs created a design consisting of suspended clouds with custom wood slats backfilled with absorption material. These clouds scatter high frequencies while absorbing low/mid frequencies thus bringing much needed control and balance back to the room. Now the church can fully enjoy this wonderful space.