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January 2, 2021
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January 11, 2021

The Belonging Co.

Room Type:

House of Worship


Nashville, TN


Church Design Article

Redesigning a warehouse to become a space for thousands of worshipers to join together is no small feat. Tackling the acoustics in the room becomes a huge challenge, which is why The Belonging Co. consulted with Haverstick Designs and Diversified. The Belonging Co. desired a balance between the aesthetics and the acoustical quality of the space, understanding that this balance contributes to the space’s ability to engage the congregation. Delivering powerful sound for musical applications with clear speech intelligibility throughout the space is key to spreading the church's message. By adding NIGHT Panels on the ceiling, along with FulFill Panels and PERF Panels by Acoustical Fulfillment on the walls, we were able to remove flutter echo and drive down the Reverberation Time to acceptable levels, thus making music and speech clear to all.