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January 12, 2021
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January 10, 2021

Tim Henson (of Polyphia) Recording Studio

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Recording Studio


Plano, TX


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Since it’s conception in 2010, the band Polyphia continues to innovate through their genre-defying music. Ranging from hip-hop to rock to pop music, the band consistently takes their music in new directions. In 2021, band founder Tim Henson brought on Haverstick Designs to design a private recording studio in his home to serve as his creative space. Henson had a particular aesthetic vision for the space and wanted to make sure that it matched the style and feel of the rest of his home. Haverstick Designs created a series of photorealistic renderings of different customized treatment designs for the project, and the project evolved to meet Henson’s dreams. Custom bass-trapping, ceiling clouds, and wall treatment were carefully planned to both tame room-mode issues and harsh reflections while also keeping some life in the space to ensure that the room remained an inspiring space people could spend long periods of time working in. All Pro Integrated Systems assisted with gear selection and integration, utilizing Genelec speakers, while JGW Services LLC handled isolation and treatment construction.