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January 11, 2021
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June 10, 2021

The Cabaret

Room Type:
Performance Arts Venue
Indianapolis, IN
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Susan Fleck Photography

For years, The Cabaret has been bringing Jazz and Broadway stars to Indianapolis. With performances being staged in various venues around Indianapolis, The Cabaret had cemented itself as one of the most prominent cabaret theaters in the Midwest despite its nomadic history. As its momentum grew, the need for a more permanent space became apparent. This space would be designed specifically for The Cabaret: a place to foster unique performances and an intimate environment for the artists and their audience. The venue’s designers, RATIO Architects, enlisted Haverstick Designs in 2017 to design the acoustics of their new theater. Through analysis and design, we were able to pinpoint and resolve acoustical issues at certain locations throughout the space. Additionally, isolation was a major concern for the clients, as the building’s walls are adjacent to office buildings. Working with The Cabaret and RATIO Architects, Haverstick Designs helped create an acoustical environment with the intimate, warm feeling that makes a cabaret show truly special.