Northeast Presbyterian Church
May 10, 2019
Grace College Science Complex
July 1, 2019

The Phoenix Theater

Room Type:
Performance Arts Venue
Indianapolis, IN
The Phoenix Theatre Website
Susan Fleck Photography

The Phoenix Theater has been a part of Indianapolis’ vibrant artistic scene for over 30 years. In 2018, they decided to move into a new space to better accommodate their growing and diverse program. The new facility, designed by RATIO Architects, included two performance spaces, both acoustically designed by Haverstick Designs. By customizing the shaping of the side walls to break up flutter echo and harsh reflections, we were able to avoid using an excess amount of absorption in the room. This was important in this particular space, as many performances at the Phoenix Theater are unamplified. By not using too much absorption, the room was still lively enough to accommodate performances without a reinforcing sound system. With a fresh and exciting new space, the Phoenix Theater is prepared to continue to be a dynamic leader in the Indianapolis Fine Arts scene!