Cucamonga Sound Studio
June 13, 2021
Tori Kelly Studio
June 15, 2021

Christ Fellowship Port St. Lucie

Room Type:

House of Worship


Port St. Lucie, FL

Christ Fellowship Church strives to communicate its message through thought-provoking speakers and music that inspires and invigorates the congregation. When Christ Fellowship decided to create a new location in Port St. Lucie, they understood the importance of a space that could adequately carry its message to its members. To help create this environment, Christ Fellowship teamed up with Mankin Media Systems and Haverstick Designs. Utilizing computer modeling, we were able to predict performance throughout the design process and develop a plan that would meet the church’s goals before the space was built, thus saving money and preventing delays in the construction process. The final result is an awe-inspiring space where the sound system and the room work in harmony to create an amazing experience for all who worship here.