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June 14, 2021
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June 17, 2021

Tori Kelly Studio

Room Type:
Recording Studio
Southern California
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In 2018, Grammy award-winning artist Tori Kelly enlisted Haverstick Designs to help convert her spare bedroom into a high-quality recording studio. Kelly, who first became famous after posting videos of herself singing in her bedroom, loves getting to work on her craft at her home, where she can relax and be comfortable when not on tour. However, she also wanted to be able to work in a space where she could record and create music at a professional level - all from the comfort of her own home. Haverstick Designs performed on-site acoustical testing of Kelly’s space, pinpointing specific problems with room modes, flutter echo, and other acoustical issues. Being a project studio, the room is optimized for both tracking and mixing, using a combination of products from Acoustical Fulfillment, including HEX Panels, PERF Panels, Barrel Diffusers, and the Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System, which allows the room to be tuned differently for recording acoustic guitar or vocals. The finished result suits Kelly’s aesthetic goals and allows her to record in a comfortable, acoustically flexible environment. Jacob "Biz" Morris coordinated and integrated the equipment that was purchased through IsRael Foster at Sweetwater Sound.

Client Quote:

"I am absolutely in love with my home studio. Gavin was so enthusiastic about bringing the space to life, and the design he came up with is so unique and special, it really feels like a work of art. Working with Gavin was so incredible, and I’m forever grateful that he helped me create my dream studio!” -Tori Kelly