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June 11, 2021
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June 14, 2021

Cucamonga Sound Studio

Room Type:

Recording Studio


Upland, CA


Cucamonga Sound Website

Mix and recording engineer Robert Armatas founded Cucamonga Sound with the goal of combining the professionalism and quality of a commercial studio with the comfort of a private home. To do this, he teamed up with Haverstick Designs and Vintage King to transform his master bedroom and closet into a Control Room and Isolation Booth. A top priority was to create a warm, inspiring environment for artists that could also serve as an accurate space for post-production work. This was accomplished using custom diffusers and ceiling-cloud treatments along with various stone and wood aesthetic elements.

Studio Equipment:
Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System by Acoustical Fulfillment
FulFill Panels by Acoustical Fulfillment
2500+ by API Audio
Minimain 12 Active Studio Monitors by Barefoot Sound
B32 by Burl Audio
B80 Mothership by Burl Audio
Massive Passive by Manley
5059 by Rupert Neve Designs
C800G by Sony
Radius Composer 9400 Studio Desk by Sound Construction Supply
ST2 by Trinnov Audio