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Casa Blanco Studio (Crowder Home Studio)

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Recording Studio


Atlanta, GA


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Mary Caroline Russell


Technology Designer - Rethinking Spaces in the Home

Mix Magazine - Crowder Gets Creative

David Crowder has been a powerful force in the world of Contemporary Christian Music for decades. As the lead vocalist of the David Crowder Band until the group disbanded in 2012 and as a solo artist since, Crowder is an award-winning artist, including multiple GMA Dove Awards, as well as a nomination for a Grammy in 2005 for the band’s album A Collision. Haverstick Designs had the opportunity to design a fully functioning recording space for Crowder to flex his creative muscles from the comfort of his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 400-square-foot control room features a stretch-fabric system by Simplified Acoustics, which handled all of the interior acoustical treatment and lighting installation. Custom perforated acoustical panels that are backlit with color-changing LEDs help to set the mood in the studio, along with a unique rear wall bass trap that utilizes modern artwork covered with a clear quadratic residue diffuser. The living room above that has tall, vaulted ceilings is also wired up to be used for drum tracking.

Additional design and curation services were provided by TONIC Design Co., including a custom mix desk and acoustical panels built by buildhouse and synth wall unit built by Adam Hart. Head Engineer for Reach Records, Jacob “Biz” Morris, coordinated all aspects of the studio design and gear selection and procurement through IsRael Foster at Sweetwater. The studio is equipped with Focal Trio11 Be speakers, a Toft ATB 24-channel mixer, Tascam ML-16D/ML-32D I/O Dante interfaces and 8P Dyna mic pre’s, Universal Audio Apollo x16 interface, and more. Because of its unique design and excellent acoustical qualities, Crowder's studio was included in Mix Magazine's "Class of 2020"

Client quote:

“I've never worked in a better-sounding space.” – David Crowder