Justin Martin Studio
May 7, 2019
Paul Brett Ensley
May 8, 2019

The Villa at Britton Falls

Room Type:
Multipurpose Room
Fishers, IN

Britton Falls is a senior living community in Fishers, Indiana. It promotes healthy lifestyle, focused on social community and active living. One of the key parts of the community is The Villa - a space dedicated to large gatherings where community members can attend various events from concerts to fitness classes. However, with a space so large, events began to suffer from the poor acoustics of the space. Excessive reverberation and harsh reflections were painfully obvious in the space, and attendance and use of the space suffered accordingly. To help combat these issues, Britton Falls enlisted Haverstick Designs to conduct testing and design a solution. For final recommendations, we recommended implementing CORE Panels from Acoustical Fulfillment, a product specifically designed to blend well with drywall. Through our testing, analysis and design, Haverstick Designs was able to drop the Reverberation Time in the room by over a second, as shown in the testing data below: