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April 23, 2018
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May 3, 2018

University of Saint Francis

Room Type:
Recording Studio
Ft. Wayne, IN
Mix Magazine

When the University of Saint Francis purchased the old Scottish Rite Center in downtown Ft. Wayne, IN, they were afforded the luxury of renovating the space to accommodate their Music Technology programs. The architect, Design Collaborative, hired Haverstick Designs to develop acoustical treatment plans and isolation construction guidelines for a total of 31 rooms, including control rooms, mastering studios, mixing and editing rooms, practice rooms and classrooms. The acoustical treatment design incorporated a combination of custom treatments and prefabricated materials, including the Flex-48 Adaptive System from Acoustical Fulfillment. The finished studios were featured in Mix Magazine’s Special November 2017 issue on Audio Education.

Client Quote:

"A complete remodel/renovation of our exciting downtown space really required a team who understood and caught the vision that we had for our students. Gavin and his group not only upheld the vision, but offered valuable insight and expertise. They saw to every detail and concern and have continued to advise and have become a partner with us in educating our students." - Miles Fulwider, Music Department Chair, Assistant Professor Music Technology